With over a decade of experience in the Information Technology space,  Netneering LLC can certainly help!  Experience extends to both private and public sectors in areas like Education, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Financials.   We use a combination of industry best practices and Netneering's proprietary methodologies to service our customers.

How we do it

Every business needs to secure its assets, respond to incidents, and manage risk. Regardless of the business type or purpose, Netneering LLC can help to fulfill your IT security needs.


We can help with engineering and architecting your environment to strengthen security posture while reducing Risk.

What we do

D.R.I.P  IT Services

Penetration Testing

We can help determine the robustness and effectiveness of your current security perimeter and interior.

Our overall goal is to:

  1. improve the security posture of your organization while remaining aware of business need.  
  2. Provide meaningful, scalable solutions to detect, prevent,  and address security concerns throughout your organization. 
  3. Propel your business forward using some of the latest and greatest technological advancements around integration, automation, and data analytics.

Incident Response

We can investigate your systems, networks, or applications to  respond to security incidents.


Risk Assessment

We can help to determine what gaps you need to fill and in what order.